Boris and Co

While Boris Johnson mourns the death of his mother (yes, sorry, a mum is a mum) he seeks to ditch the NI Protocol.

Boris Johnson hailed the signing of the Northern Ireland protocol and withdrawal agreement as a “fantastic moment” for the UK in January last year, but now says it is not working and that it must be changed. Much like his "oven ready deal" it was possibly pushed through too fast (by himself) and needs an overhaul.

Having "got Brexit done " two years ago, Boris doesn't stand still.

Meanwhile, Priti Patel has suggested that Universal Credit claimants now about to lose their extra £20 a week can simply work an extra 2 hours to make up the shortfall. The Cobbler would suggest that the 2 hours should be worked as HGV drivers, thus addressing another problem. Kill two birds with one stone. (Well, either that or fruit picking - choice and self determination should always be to the fore in Global Britain)

That's all for now.
The Cobbler has to admit getting his names wrong. It is Tory Theresa Coffey, the Welfare Chief, who speaks of working an extra two hours. However, those who know how the UC System works calculate that many will have to work an extra 9 hours due to the sliding scale applied to benefits. This demonstrates that Ms Coffey does not understand the system she is in charge of, or maybe just used the back of a fag packet for her calculations (a method with a long history in parliamentary circles)
Bollocks to Boris's mother. I never loved her anyway.

You'll be a long time waiting for this lot to show any acumen in that direction, TCA, they are just doing the American thing of faking it till you make it and research isn't in their diary.

The Trade Secretary Liz Truss has been going around trumpeting faked up trade deals for a year now which don't stand up to the slightest examination.

They are basically doing a Trumpian analysis and shooting from the hip on anything and everything. They can't get into detail or Starmer will beat them to death with it so they just make shit up instead.

Starmer is a former public servant. He's stymied by people who talk shit instead of data. Hence, the Tory policy of talking complete shit and hoping at least some of it sticks to the toilet wall of public life.
Difficult to visualise Boris Johnson as "son", "brother", "husband".............oh!.....oh!............" lover"......but as I said, a mum is a mum. Whatever, all I see as holding up the Tories in the polls is the "post brexit factor". Boris/Tories gave many "what we voted for" and for that they are grateful, hopefully not "eternally". Maybe that factor will slowly be eroded in time and some come to realise that they have charged down the the wrong valley, directed and manipulated by those who see them purely as cannon fodder.

As far as the "red wall" Tories, add a version of the "nouveau riche" to the mindset, in this case the nouveau one step up the ladder type. In our class system, its nice to feel oneself one rung above anything at all. So perhaps many like to see themselves now as "those the tories speak to", no longer needing "help" but only the encouragement of those who "understand me". But who knows? In the end I simply feel complete alienation from what must be the worst gang of charlatans ever to call themselves a government.
Now Boris has played musical chairs, moving his troops around. Dear old Liz Truss has been rewarded for managing to speak positively about Trade Deals of absolutely no consequence given what they seek to replace. And this morning, Union Jack draped behind him, Boris heralds the next exercise of Global Britain on the world stage.

Total alienation.
From the BBC:-

The government sees the fleet, named the Carrier Strike Group, as a potent symbol of "Global Britain" - and as proof of Boris Johnson's promise to restore the Royal Navy as Europe's foremost naval power and end what he called an "era of retreat".

From the Cobbler:-

A collection of overgrown schoolboys are currently playing with their latest toy. Boris Johnson's promise............

At that point, words fail me.
So, as various statistics demonstrate that poverty rises in the UK, as we can no longer afford previous levels of Foreign Aid, as the "Care Crisis" stumbles onwards, Global Britain sends what is left of its "fleet" to patrol the Pacific, evidence of its global pretensions.

Fruit rots, HGV's make full use of the new wide acred truck parks, supermarket shelves show empty places, inflation up, Brexit a complete on-going shambles.

But oh boy! Doesn't that aircraft carrier look cute? Makes you think back to the glory days when England stood alone......Dunkirk.......the spirit of the blitz......Empire!
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