COVID-19 thread

Leo has been enjoying a big weekend in the UK at a music festival .....looks to me like he is not one bit worried about the unvaccinated and variants

olli rehn

I'm putting you forward for a booster shot immediately :)
Your time will come, you ignoramus!

There are a lot of people in Oklahoma presenting at hospitals with loss of sight and in a terrible state because the anti-vaxxers have been pushing the home remedies instead of vaccination. There is some kind of freely available horse-dose called invermectin or something similar...
Well it looks like this turned out to be a load of crap (originally published in Rolling Stone)
What are you on about, you psycho? Nobody in this country received an EU vaccine passport.There is no such thing!
You are a brainless fart- and your mother should have aborted you!
I have decided to report this post to admin on the grounds of its vile...hateful and detestable nature
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