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You are free to say what you think on this Isle. Try that on PI- Dunglar will show you the door very quickly.
No, I'm not.

The funny thing is, I know David said something along the lines of these sites being old hat, because social media. Yet he just banned social media.. For a return to Internet 1990s. David is a funny chap, he makes very bad decisions, I blame Mowl Mowl


.. So gobshites like Mowl, who have absolutely no interest in politics, current affairs, or a brain can spread their personal slurry here all day, every day, but no one can post a tweet or a Telegram post.

Any links to Bebo, Jambo?


Myspace it is so.

We're back to the internet of the 90s, HTML 1.0

Mister 200+ IQ - who hasn't the wit or the user base to open his own site.

Spends his miserable life telling others how to run theirs.


Why is a Telegram post or a tweet (which you have universally banned) "spam".. because Mowl told you so?

No, because nobody is interested in opening your instagram links to monkeys and gibbons.

You have no opinions of your own, Jambo - not a good look for a 200+ IQ black world champion heavyweight boxer.

Mowl writes spam every time he types a post and, for the misfortune of the rest of us, clicks Send!

Your use of dozens of exclamation marks used to soften your bile is rather making my skin crawl.

Why not build your own site for you to post all your instagrams and other tweety tripe?

Would you like to see Thus return to Isle ?? 🙂 E Electricity

Hell, yeah - anything to upset Jambo and watch him blow up again.


Why would I?

Did you hear the news btw CG&p?

DS banned (and deleted all) social media posts.. because Mowl told him to 🤣

No - instagram is still an option for you to post some nice photos of yourself sitting in a pile of filth in the basement with lats of wood nailed to the windows and your silver foil hat on your head. Pizza boxes, butts everywhere, dirty jocks stuck to the wall, a pool of dribble on the carpet under the table, and piles of seventy's porn with John Holmes moustache cut out so's you can glue it to your upper lip.

Mowl Mowl is now the new Ayatollah of isle ? :cool:

Nope - Mowl's an independent entrepreneur - prefers to work alone.

Just what I was thinking too.

Btw, to be perfectly frank about it, DS let me down terribly today.

Poor little Jambo - has no mates and needs pats on the head from site owners.

But is too useless to build his own site.

And everyone knows I'm a white supreme pizza 🙄 and this site has critical mass with idiots who believe that.

You know, a pizza is round but it comes in a square box, and is sliced into triangles. Looked at from this perspective, that seems a lot like your logic and stupidity: a square prick in a roundy arse.

I came here with good intentions, I still have, but if DS wants to invoke the exclusive site posting clause.. then the simple fact is.. I choose PI. I'm not really at home around anti-whites.. particularly when they rule the roost.

Nobody cares about your anti-white washing powder theories, Jambo.

You've destroyed your own site.

You ought to build your own so.

That way you can argue with yourself, agree and disagree with yourself, and even ban yourself.

You know you want it.

No one's interested in a far left dump (they have their own) especially one that's ruled by the cancer that is Mowl Mowl

You're coming across as even dumber than Val, Jambo.

I'd watch out for that if I were you.

It's far left mostly because you're the administrator.

Genius observation skills there, Jambo.

Apart from the left/right element.

Jenny "student politics" Dotty.. you're pining over her, smug leftie,

Dotty is usually Mowl.

Just like calling the Cap'n 'Maggot' shows you up for the unread and barely schooled twat you are.

You haven't a fucking clue what's going on, have you?

Brilliant Con, a great "affable and intelligent" poster.

A reasonable observation.

Well done.

. cancer, AKA Mowl, your boss.. I mean, admittedly Mowl has no political opinions but he goes with the flo.. which makes him a leftie by default.

Flo? As in Flo McSweeney?


Poor Jambo - has no mates at all, and can't figure out why 6,798 people read and interact with Mowl while precisely nobody wants to agree, disagree, talk to, or even acknowledge the existence of Jambo. Has a million excuses as to why he doesn't want to open his own site, but not one of them are believable. That's because he knows that if he does try, he'll end up making an even bigger arse of himself than Youngdan did after Mowl tore him to shreds.

Face it, Kiddo: you're a loser, a follower - not a leader, nobody listens to you but they flock to me. And still I don't allow any cross reference to what I do publicly on social media with what I do on here in anonymous media: but then again - you need the anonymity - I don't. People flock to me because I can lead them into better lives, because I can show them the possibilities, because they respect my intelligence and humanity and how I apply myself.

You can't and won't start a site because:

You're too stupid and lazy to build one.
You can't afford to pay someone to do it for you - while I turn down offers of the same every week.
Because you know that nobody is going to pay it any attention.
Because you're terrified of failing and seeing me laughing at you.
Because you know that nobody knows what the fuck you're on about most of the time.
Because you know that any attempts you do make to build a Jambo.com will fail even faster than Youngdan's 'Arsefield.com' site.
Because you know that nobody is interested in your 'down the plug-hole' type posts.
Because you're frightened of how you'll cope with me still having thousands more followers than you.
And because you're a follower, not a leader.

So quit telling everyone else how to run their ships - I have more members on my blog than all of the Irish political discussion sites added together. That terrifies you, and rightly so. You haven't the balls to try me out on social media, because you know I'll run rings around you and make a complete arse of you to such an extent that suicide will begin to seem a great idea. You're a coward. A hurler on the ditch. A terminal loser. A hopeless case. An angry young man who doesn't quite know what he's angry about, but refuses to consider his lack of any balls at all.

All these hundreds of members on the Irish sites?

P.ie, IPO, Pish, GPO, Arsefield's, and so on? Not one member of any of those sites has the nerve to confront me. They think that shooting from the safety of anonymity is the only way they can get to me. But like I laugh at you, I laugh at them too. All of your Amsterdamaged, Rural, Field Marshall, Clamp, Dengler, Tadhg, Ratio, sorts? All fucking terrifed of me. Not a single ball between them to take me on. They need the gang behind them, they need to remain anonymous, they need to say I'm a bad person because I tell the truth. And they can't handle the truth. Those who support me and refer to me as a real person in real life don't even take you seriously, never mind join you for the chats. You're a loser, I'm a winner. I'm a leader, you're a follower. It's always been this way and it always continue to be this way.

Snipe away all you like, Jambo - but you'll NEVER do what I do, and never accomplish what I've already done, never mind what I'm yet going to do. There's another presidential election coming up over the next year or three: guess who'll be getting paid cash money for campaigning for my selected favourite? Then guess who won't.

That's you, Thicko.

I'll be a legend still even after the whole charade's been done: by the time I'm through on this planet, there'll be statues of me on every roundabout in Dublin 10. They'll never forget me. And neither will you, loser.

Why not drop a line to Declan Kelly over in Dedham and ask him if you can buy or trade for his most recent spectacular failure?

He has no use for it, so you can likely buy it for a song and nudey dance.

Besides, his Missus Marianne will be grateful to get her money back.


Disgusting way to heat up a frozen pizza.

I ran a pizza joint in Rathmines, Dublin when I was much younger. I started a job as a waiter and within a few weeks the owner gave me the run of the place. It was called Pizzazz and was directly opposite Rathmines Garda station. We had a bell linked directly to the front desk so the coppers could order by phone and then come and collect their pizzas.

We sold wine in teapots and served into cups with cute saucers, the coppers were our biggest wine drinkers. Though we closed at midnight, the cops would stay on drinking and smoking cigarettes into the night while I did the next day's prep. I made fresh pizzas, rolling out the base and tossing it about in the air for the visual factor, and was always generous with the toppings - much to the owner's chagrin. I was in it for the tips, he was in it to pinch the pennies. He was a notorious coke-head: and an immense bore when he was high. He'd come storming into the place in the evenings whacked off his head and start giving us orders. I laughed into his face most of the time, but he wouldn't fire me; the customers loved my pizzas. We had a stone oven built in Italy, it delivered perfect pizzas. I'd occasionally add some logs of timber to the rear of the oven to give the pizzas a smoky essence.

Anyone who fucked with me or tried to mess me around got the same treatment: I'd make their pizza to order and when they took their seat, loaded on the hot chili oil. It took a few moments to hit but when it did they were usually out the door on their way home.

Spitting in copper's pizzas wasn't my bag either, much as I could have been nasty to them, but they kept an eye on us (that's why we had the hotline bell under the counter) and we were rarely hassled by hold-ups. It was the copper's late night haunt after those other sleazy twenty-four hour nightclubs and late night food joints shut down. The Manhattan in Portobello, and two other joints on Rathmines Road. Banjo's was another nightclub that opened until dawn. We didn't serve beer but I usually brought a couple in to have after lock-up. Maybe a spliff too but only out the back by the delivery door. Never in front of the coppers.

One time they asked me to join a line-up after a Moroccan man assaulted some young girls. I'd never been in a line-up but agreed to help. I took off my apron and went over to the cop shop. I asked where we were to do the line-up and were the girls who were assaulted in the building? Cop just nodded and asked me to go up to the third floor and and wait. I strode up the stairs and reached the third floor, where another cop said: 'okay, you go on back downstairs' - so I did, a bit grumpy that they wasted my time.

When I reached the bottom I asked the desk sarge what the fuck was going on. He said thanks, the victim saw me and eliminated me from the line up. I said I didn't stand in any line-up, to which he replied that the girl was young and had watched me pass on the second floor through a mirror on a door I walked past. Very discreet. Same night I was on my way home and my then lady came running up the street. She worked as a barista in a place further down Rathmines Road and her night manager was also Moroccan. A sleazy fucker I caught eyeing her several times. That night he touched her bum when she was doing whatever behind the counter and she flipped and left. I met her and told her to go home. Then I went down to the joint she worked in and belted on the door until the bloke opened it. I pushed him in and smacked him a few in the head, then tossed the tables and chairs. I left, went back to the cop station, told the cops what I just did. They got the idea that I might be angry with Moroccans in general seeing as the criminal from the line-up was also Moroccan.

The cafe owner came to the cops the next day and complained that I assaulted his manager and destroyed his cafe. The cops called me and I came around. I was asked to apologize but told the guy to go fuck himself, he has a sexual abuser working for him. My lady quit her job, the owner sent me a bill for the tables and other stuff I wrecked, so I showed it to the cops. They said they'd look after it and told me to go on home.

Some weeks later, the owner called and apologized - he knew by then his manager had been touching up the staff.

The guy I clattered around was also sent to hospital by the owner the morning after I hit him so he had a medical note for suing me. The cops dealt with the whole charade and I walked. Never worked in a restaurant again after that. Apart from doing some meet and greet type stuff in a restaurant on the island of Corfu where I spent my summers.

So all in all, cops, Greeks, Moroccans, cafe owners and restaurateurs pissed me off.

Those pizzas above will cook hardened crusts and the centers will be mushy.

But it's still a better option for Jambo than eating spaghetti - which he usually upturns on his head in a rage about Mowl's posts.

He's an awful fucking eejit like that.
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