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What issues have you had with Dengler?
On my very first day on PoliticalIrish I made the mistake of saying something naughty about the Catholic Church. Dude immediately quotes me and demands I elaborate, I sense some chill off him. Been a target of his every day since. My message box is chock full of 'warnings', thread bans, comment deletions, full on bans from him. I'm his best favourite. Dude has a psychotic sense of grudgery.


Here's another typical exchange with Dengler. This one's from his blog which I was looking at yesterday with a new lurking account. I've seen him do more or less exactly this many times before. He starts threads about stuff he knows fuck all about and then gets all bolshie when you fill him in. Like the first post on this thread, the one about Alan Parker dying and me having worked indirectly with/for him on The Commitments movie. Dengler banned me from the thread for knowing Parker personally. For telling a few cool stories about attending the premiers in Dublin and around the UK. Banned? For referring to the musicians on the soundtrack being my own band members. Banned? I was considered too young to trust in the recording studio but I didn't mind - I got loads of other work ways of getting paid via the album. I rented Paul Bushnell - album producer/engineer (my bass player at the time) a few of my snare drums and cymbals and so on to use in the recording. I got paid stupid money for doing nothing.

But when Dengler had to swallow my tales? He puked up his usual routine.

This one here's a gas, you can get the full version on his blog on Pish. This is my first reply on the thread about Star Trek. Check out Dengler's genius level moderation? He's a fucking cunt, a right fucking gouger, of lesser value than a sewer rat with the plague. I hope the cunt dies roaring.


Question: Any Star Trek fans on here?

By: Gerhard Dengler (aged 7)


(Post 1 by Mowl)
No, not any more. I was as a kid, but later in life I discovered these lunatic-level political discussion websites in Ireland where arseholes and mouth-almighty's of every description imaginable called themselves after the characters in the show, and when I read their opinions about Irish life in all its grey monotony I started to loathe the characters in the original series and couldn't watch it any more without wanting to boot the telly to pieces.

All these completely anonymous dopes thought themselves the bee's knees and went about their online business using pictures of Spock, McCoy, Kirk, etc to best represent themselves as some sort of inter-galactic crew of political idiots up in space. One complete sap using a picture of McCoy even tries to write in the mock style McCoy's character spoke in: broken sentences containing three words or less - and then thought himself a genius from outer space. The Spock-picture using guy is another of your ignorant modern Irish militant Catholics who thinks Jesus loves him for his abuse of atheists and agnostics, just like many of the militant Catholics on this site who use fake names (too embarrassed and too weak to associate with their own opinions mostly) and even allow themselves the right to taunt other members by accusing them of being rape victims of the very same priests whose butts they kiss all day and night.

That one just kills me: 'I have faith, I believe in Jesus, I believe in the divine trinity, I believe in Star Trek, and I believe you were raped by a priest as a child because you obviously despise our church and its few good priests; to hate us as much as you do must mean we (as in: our church/our priests) raped you - and you not only deserved it, but my priests deserved to enjoy what they did to you too and will receive their just reward when they pass heaven's gate. Meanwhile, you're going to hell..'

It's barely believable, I know - but I suppose with you being a family man (as you say) you get to enjoy it all over again through the eyes of your children?

For me, I get to laugh at the very same anonymous nobodies from nowhere who try to elevate themselves in their anonymity by associating their bullshit opinions with space monkeys and other alien tripe. It's about as believable as the whole bollocks about their bible: these twats believe in god AND they believe in aliens? They name themselves after their TV show heroes whizzing about from one end of the galaxy to the other and spend the rest of their time wishing violent rape on some people, wishing eternal damnation on others, and thinking themselves as excellent models of modern Christianity for all of the above.

It's about as believable as some of the alien scenes (and beings) in the original telly show: obviously cheap and crap-tatty, knocked together with glue and a few nails, and without any special effects to cover up the fact that it's a stage set. It takes a certain kind of idiot to still find wonder and entertainment in a shoddy and slapped together television show several decades after it was made, especially a 1970's science fiction type affair.

It was good entertainment (for the laughs, like) when I was around six or seven.

But as an adult I put away childish things - unlike a numbder of arseholes who actually continue to live their sad little lives as though they're on the USS Enterprise flying past Alpha Centauri when in fact they're merely on the 49 bus from Blanchardstown to Smithfield.

Looking back, I find Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker much more fun: Pertwee in particular with his Wurzel Gummidge character was a gas. Wurzel and Doctor Who used a very British sense of humour where Star Trek used American style comedy: which made it far more accessible to me as an Irish kid. I never found Star Trek humourous other than watching and laughing at Kirk's massively over-rated acting style. And Spock's. And especially McCoy with his face molded in cement, incapable of ever expressing any emotion at all.

Kid's shows are for kids.

I would suggest dumping your remote control, kicking your telly out with the trash, and buying yourself a copy of 'The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy' complete series. At least Douglas Adams had writing skills, unlike the hacks who threw Star Trek together while likely pissed on tins of Budweiser and high on California Gold while on set.


Mowl says:

'Then put my legitimate post back up - and next time you delete me without notification, I'll go over your head - got that?'

Dengler replies:

'You're finished posting to this thread.'

"Our mind is all we've got" : Bobby Fischer



A right sad cunt.


(Post 2 - by Mowl) The most recent revamp of the utterly kitsch Star Trek is of course the gay flagship: 'The Orville'. Starring Seth Rogan, this show waves the flag of homosexuality as it traverses the universe looking out for alien lifeforms to have sexual intimacies with. It's this version of the show that I find most repulsive and were I to have children around, it's one show I most certainly would NOT want any child of mine or anyone else's to be watching as it's nothing more than a pro-LGBTXYZ shitfest designed to normalize homosexual/lesbian behavioural patterns. Not to mention bestiality - having sex with aliens?

Any thoughts to add @Tadhg Gaelach, @GodsDog, @Rick?

Reply from: Gerhard Dengler:

I'm not aware of this Star Trek show.
However if what you post is true, then of course I agree that such a show is repulsive and not suitable for anyone to view.

"Our mind is all we've got" : Bobby Fischer


In short, Dengler is a fucking thick. A brainless old fart likely in his late sixties/early seventies.

One of the nastiest fascists I ever dealt with. Knows nothing about nothing. Starts threads about shit he has no clue about, then bans anyone who puts him wide and exposes him for the thicko he really is. If Pish went down tomorrow, that cunt would have a heart attack. He'd have nothing left to live for.

He'll have even less to live for after I meet him.


Gaelach is modding on Pish again?

No - those posts I quoted were from last year.

I just wanted to add a bit more ridiculous to the Dengler thread, just to keep the ignorant pig on his trotters.

How did we get the Intel that dangles was driving around ballyfermot taking pictures and stalking :unsure:. Presumably from a local asset

Ballyer is Mowl's land. Mowl takes no prisoners. Mowl's a warrior. Others roll over, but not Mowl - Mowl's a fighter.

What happens in Ballyer, comes to Mowl - one way or another.

Dengler will learn this in time.

No - I don't think so. How could he? Not after all that went down, it's too late and it's too broke to fix.

He'll be back in another form - just give it time.

And time.

And mist.

And rain.

Grey skies.


Then he'll get bored and reinvent himself.

As another type of mutant being altogether but the TG brand is old hat.


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Dengler is likely one of those who thinks the Christian Brothers were a great bunch of fellas, giving good decent educations to young boys who otherwise wouldn't have known it. Charles Haughey certainly pushed that line.


Dengler is likely one of those who thinks the Christian Brothers were a great bunch of fellas, giving good decent educations to young boys who otherwise wouldn't have known it.

It is of course quite possible that they touched old Dengler up. And disturbingly, it's also quite possible that he enjoyed it. I know a few who went through the mangle with the priests and brothers - sisters too, and came out the other end permanently flowery and fay. The type of kids who sensed what was happening and wanted in on the action. The 'accidentally show your willy to the brother when he was washing his hands after curling a nasty one out in the boy's jacks' type of little Nancy boy.

The brother drags him into the office and flays his arse for him. Dengler finds that he likes when his bladder control goes awry and he pisses all over the brothers habit and the chair he's leaning on. It feels like an orgasm. So he wants more. He visits the brother's office a few times a week. Things get messier but Dengler gets more and more addicted to the cock. He's learned how to suck it all the way back into his throat. He also knows that it turns the brother on and he gets even bigger and harder until Dengler has to wretch and heave up a few soup-spoons of the brother's jizz.

Then he licks his snake lips clean.

Pulls up his knee-pants and goes home thinking about what it might be like to be skewered up the jacksie by the brother's big tool.

Has wet dreams at night. Can't stop thinking about the smell of male sweat. Pissy underpants. Tawdry armpits. It's all a big thrill for Dengler. He'll never tell his Mam because he knows his Mam will soon put a stop to it and maybe even have Dengler's lover put behind bars. And little Dengler couldn't live with that on his catholic conscience, now could he? So he lets the brother do what ever he likes to him. Batter him then fuck him. Fuck him a bit but leave him tied to the chair with his arse in the air and do some target practice with the leather. Dengler shrieking: everyone thinks it's a battering he's getting, but no. It's a right banging and kicking in of the little back door entrance. This is the part he loves the most: when the brother starts moaning and suddenly his arse doesn't hurt quite so bad. Stings a bit, but at least it's not dry and stretched skin.

See? This is the way these cunts operate: most of the hate they have about people talking out about the church is that lots of them had a harder time of it than the likes of Dengler and Clamp. And that's the nub of it: did these other kids get it worse than we? Why? I loved it. I was into it, big time. Why did he get bored with me? Am I getting to be too old? Is my hoop totally banjaxed? Fuck. I thought I had years left in me. And now the cunt's after picking a new kid instead of me? Boo hoo. Oh no. Weep, weep.

The only reason those cunts are angry with atheists is because atheist's were better raped than they were themselves.

They miss it, that whole rough and tumble of gay sex between a hairy old mutant from Offally and a little bollocks from Limerick called Gerry Dangles. Seriously now, any kid using a handle like that probably could suck a snooker cue down a hosepipe.

Dengler wants to be raped - he misses it.

He can't stand reading my stories about all the kids I saw abused - they make him want to BE that kid.

The sick cunt.

Charles Haughey certainly pushed that line.

The only thing Haughey ever pushed effectively was Des Traynor - under the bus, and a year after he died.
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