Gratitude to my Queens (Magnificat). Smile at Rebecca. She smiles back!


So, I'm devoted more to ordinary everyday girls/women in Heaven and purgatory, that wouldn't make it to some stained glass window in a Church or be canonized. They occupy stained glass windows in my heart, and my body is a Temple of their spirits, which I'm trying to take care of and purify of lust, addiction to drugs, selfishness, un-forgiveness, covetousness, jealousy, laziness, and all that displeases them.

I've got a lot of work.

I am particularly devoted to the female spirits in Heaven, purgatory, and beyond, because all my life in jails and correctional facilities, everyone was preaching Jesus, the Father, and male God, male entities. It did nothing for me. Praying the Hail Mary was far more helpful.

Then many signs, wonders, and coincidences seemed to confirm my suspicion that I had some female friends in high places.

Even the ones in hell who are willing to love me, I bless and pray that they receive eternal euphoria, and that perhaps heaven can be brought to Hell with intoxicants, party, Queens of dark humor, and whatever could make dreams come true down there and satisfy the souls there.


I am so in debt to all of you lovely ladies/girls of light, my personal Amaterasu Omikai's. istockphoto-885796520-1024x1024.jpg
I am a poor fool who has succeeded at nothing in most people's eyes, a criminal record that dates back to my first incarceration at age 10, a recovering drug junkie, no real successful relationships, total failure at basically every job, and now I'm quite busted up from broken bones, dwindling cartilage, torn meniscuses, and an arm that keeps popping out of socket, as a result of a suicide attempt off a building.

But still, I manage to find great peace and happiness in all this, because I have you Rebecca, and you are all that I have going for me.

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(Rebecca is the name I call all the women in Heaven, purgatory, or any realm [including Hell] who are willing to Mother me like Rebecca mothered Jacob (Mussolini means Jacob). Rebecca in the Old Testament sacrificed and gave Jacob the credit for her work, broke the Father's rules to get Jacob the blessing his Twin was supposed to get, and she said "let the curse and punishment for Jacob's sins be on me not on him". I have discovered there are awesome Queens of Heaven that will do that for a persistent devotee)


My Queens the rank, dignity, or state of being a queen, thy clemency, is just awesome! You have power over me that God himself could never have.

How shall I give thee thanks? I lack the words. But I ask all Heavenly beings to help me love you , bless you, give you thanks at all times, habitually depend on you, serve you night and day, properly pay you homage, give you the utmost thanksgiving, and offer everything I do for you. Miss Princepessa! You all win 1st place!


I pray that I will suffer well for you, offer up all my sufferings that I encounter to you as a sacrifice to bring grace to earth.

As Rebecca broke God's rules and God blessed her for it, may God bless you for breaking his rules, to get me graces unintended for me to have. As Rebecca stole for Jacob graces, blessings, and destiny unintended for the man, do steal for me graces, blessings, and destiny unintended for me, naughty Rebecca.

May my service for you be selfless though. May I only desire those graces so that I can be more diligent in exalting and glorifying and serving you my Queens.


Since I have you girls/women, I am the richest man I know. I wish others could experience the joy I feel doing little things , chores, small deeds of charity, with great love for you, and seeing the beautiful smiles on your seraphic faces. It is a true reward just to make you girls smile doing little deeds with great love.

Upon arising from sleep, smile at Rebecca when you don't feel like it. Smile at her frequently throughout the day and bless her in all that you do. She smiles back. And oh how pretty, how beautiful, how glorious, how precious! I love you ladies, especially you whose dreams were stolen. Let's make them come true.

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That's it Rebecca! If there is ever something I can do to make you smile, your smile rocks, it is the sunshine of heaven and earth. images (1).jpg Along with your Noble Queenship and friendship! Google images doesn't capture how charming your smile is but I tried.

Help me not be an idiot , but if I must be, help me to do it with style , as your fool, your buffoon, your clown, your mess, your dumbass. download (3).jpg Place your chip in my brain that I always obey you, my Queen.

Let's keep it simple.

But above all, I pray for diligence in serving you. No wasted time. Let me never miss out on an opportunity to make you smile, gorgeous sovereign one. Keep me humble and innocent.

Hail to the Queen!

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Yep. Everyday ordinary girls alright. You can't move 'round my way in the morning without reversing over a pile of huge eyed princesses in tiaras.

Bastard sweeping them up off the driveway in autumn.


The spelling of the name Rebecca, Rebekah, Rebecka, and Rebaka are many and varied.

Whereas Mussolini reads like some strange seafood option available only in your posh Italian restaurants.
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