Prayer for you to become a God/Goddess!

Greetings gentle reader. First off, you might be surprised to learn that roughly 90% of the world technically qualifies as Shinto. The only Doctrine of Shinto is "Belief in the Kami". No inerrant Scriptures, no known founder, no inerrant prophets/shaman, only one Doctrine that roughly 90% of the world believes in (belief in the supernatural and spirit-beings).

My prayer for you is that you will become the greatest version of yourself and the greatest God/Goddess some day. Please leave any prayer requests you have, and I will post a personal prayer for you if you like.

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May all Heavenly beings, all Kami, all Angels, Saints, Divinities, the creator of Heaven and earth, all lucky stars, all forces that govern or are associated with all planets, and all spiritual life beyond the stars and galaxies, the great spirit that existed before light, may all forces that are good for you and won't harm you, work on your behalf, dear reader, and may this prayer set them in motion.


May you be enlightened. Dear Kami, all Kami, bless the mind, soul, and conscience of the person reading this. May their conscience be a good guide and compass for them to always make the decisions that will lead them to the most euphoric, glorious, exalted, blissful, peaceful, happy, contented, delightful, satisfying, meaningful destiny.


May the person reading this enter into an eternal bind and covenant with the Kami (Spirit beings) that have their best interest in mind, and may the reader know who those beings are. 103648-1593799918-900596962.jpeg May he/she be given guardian Angels, patron Saints, and the best supernatural team to guide, protect, feed, enlighten, strengthen, anoint, and equip to be the best version of themselves. May even the underworld enter into an alliance with Heaven, that all may work together and have unity, and eternal euphoria be given to Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, earth, all planets, all realms, and beyond.


May this bind, this covenant with the Heavenly beings best suited for them be eternal. May they reach a state where not a day gets boring, where every day is full of surprises , entertainment, delightful shocks, pleasure, fun, excitement, amusement, and hysterical laughter, tears of joy, and each day better than the day before, for all eternity.

May God the creator share his/her qualities, glory, beauty, power, and perfection with the reader, so that the reader becomes deified into the perfect God/Goddess, where there is no envy, no jealousy, no want, everyone gets healthy dreams and desires, and everyone's dreams and desires come true to the fullest degree.

May the reader become the God/Goddess that would make them most overwhelmed with delight, joy, pleasure, peace, and satisfied.


In Jesus name I pray.

In every meritorious Heavenly name I pray. Every name that has power, I bind my prayers to those names.

I ask all wise Supernatural entities to embellish my prayers , works, and deeds. I ask all these beings to add their prayers to my prayers. To make my offering more perfect and pleasing to God before it is presented to him/her, let it pass through the most Holy of hands, the most sacred of hands.

Let every eye that read this prayer begin to see miracles, signs, wonders, visions, prophetic dreams, and every extraordinary grace. Let it be on a daily basis. As Paul Mcartney said "Let it be"....

Let the world no longer be full of misery. Let all eyes be opened. Let the reader of this prayer be deified.

(Does anyone have a prayer to add or a prayer intention or criticism. Or just any thoughts? The benevolent Kami bless you now and forever. Amen , Amen, and Amen!
:) )
Apologies. Just looked in for a moment. What with me being an alien only here on a sabbatical of sorts I'll be heading back home soon and don't really think I'm quite ready to commit to the old gods lifestyle.
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