The case for a GE

Is there now a case for a General Election in the UK?

Given the past few years when so many, particularly the Leave supporters, were desperate for "Democracy" to be upheld by implementation of the EU Referendum result (their concern and support for democracy was loud and clear) one would have thought that the cry for a new vote would be heard somewhere.

Now our very own PM has defended breaking his parties Manifesto pledges because "Covid was not in anyone's manifesto." Indeed it was not. So if such can potentially nullify any commitment made (and which procured votes) surely the case can be made for an immediate General Election?
Let's not beat around the bush (and I certainly don't have any interest in the pantomime that is 'left' / 'right' electoral politics)

The voters in Britain voted (majority) leave based on (the straw) of immigration. Brexit has been an abject failure. Nigel Farage is an abject failure.
We certainly agree as far as the pantomime is concerned.

Brexit indeed has been and is a failure on many fronts. "Self-determination" would appear to be the latest justification now that the economic hit is undeniable. This "justification" used, more often than not, by those who have never determined anything for themselves and sadly, probably never will.


Sooner the better, as far as I'm concerned FFG basically stole the last election by not forming a coalition with the top two parties. I don't care about your comfort level; if you're that uncomfortable, pass the torch on.
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