The sharing of hate speech on social media is to become a criminal offence


Isle will continue to be a free speech forum :)
Personally I would prefer it follow the European model of free speech rather than the American model. Decent article here discussing some of the differences.



Just a quick selection. And maybe you never said the word "nazi", you are far from the worst of them, but you are definitely painting the exact same pictures that the "anti-zionist" movement strives to continually paint, the exact same steretypes.

As to the usual accusations you then rattle off, I will not go into them again in depth, suffice to say, the whole truth is a lot more involved than what the slogans suggest, and to do justice one must get past those slogans and stereotyped images.

Squirrel away and reuse selectively edited quotes completely without the original context.
What page of the hasbara manual is that nasty little trick on Roc? :LOL:


And just to add the context is usually the same. A pack of wankers got together, goading each other on, trying to outdo each other in condemning with the most inflammatory rhetoric they can conceive the evil "Zionists". The usual context for hate speech. Take some ideology. Add a pound of self righteousness, put on the act of the hero on a mission to save the world, multiply into a mob, and everyone try to outdo each other in stupidity and saying the most extreme thing.


Misinformation is a close relative. Look at this one. First here are the real facts.


So what is the common agenda between the following posters and websites all running with the same misinformation? First Dan on GPO posts it:

Then it's posted on PISH.

Zero Hedge run with it as well.

And the usual others. E.g.

What do they hope to achieve?

Should it be a criminal offence to promote misinformation if it can be shown you have an agenda in doing so?
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