Winning an argument with a woman and convincing her she's wrong


Are you fucking insane?

Take down this thread before any of our wives/ladies see it.

Otherwise you'll be cooking your own dinner and changing your own sheets.

She can hear you tapping away from yonder kitchen: she knows the unique tapping sound of every character on your typewriter, so stop kidding yourself she doesn't know what you're up to. She has eyes in the back of her head, in your wallet, and a third one fixed on Eastender's.


My Mam found a broom handle much better: it's longer for a start, plus she can throw it like an Olympian javelinist.

She'll get you right in the nuts - every time.

It's just not worth it.

Trust me.


I tried that once with the Green Shield stamps.

She tore them up and cooked them in the mashed potatoes.


I may have to delete myself from this thread - if any of my ladies knew.. ..oh, jaze.

There is no such thing as winning an argument with a lady.

Even when you win you lose, and losing only ever makes her want to piss in your morning coffee.
No one ever wins an argument with a woman. If they seem to be abandoning the position they held and coming around to your point of view it is just a diversion.

She's about to attack from a different angle.

You can't win ultimately because you can go through an argument as logically and coherent as you like because at the end of it will be a piece of argument that is entirely female, only understood by females and cats and is mindblowingly mindblowing. Any sane and sensible man will almost sense it coming.

Or even worse- 'That's not what you said on the subject at karen's party'.

'Who is Karen?'

'You know. KAREN Karen.'

'I don't know any Karens.'

'Stop trying to wriggle out of it by pretending you don't know Karen.'...

Abandon ship there about there because a whole underworld of madness is about to seize you.
This is the difference. If a man is arguing with a woman he makes the fatal mistake of assuming he is arguing with that woman alone. If a woman is arguing with a man she is arguing with all men on behalf of all women from all of time.

This is why men get accused of things in an argument they can never recall actually doing. They fail to understand that they are male and therefore share responsibility for every male crime or misdemeanour going back to the dawn of time. It is a communication issue.

Women just hold all men equally responsible for all crimes against womankind committed by any man at any time. Hence the argument that you were arguing against your own case at a party you never attended for Karen who you have never met.

The point is some man was heard arguing that point at Karen's party all those years ago and you are currently representing men and therefore share the blame for what the man said at Karen's party :)

Basically women see all men as shareholders in male crime. It is dead handy. No male is stupid enough to confuse any female with another if he wants to see the age of 30.
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